Sunday, 21 February 2010

Parents... :-/

Don't you hate when you watch a film or something on tv where a really skinny girl is eating a massive burger and you just know she probably hasn't eaten for a week and they try to make out that this big mac is a regular thing for her?! :P
Well this is something that irritates me...Yes that's the sad kind of thing I spend my time thinking about :-/

I didn't have anything all day and at dinner time I told my mum I wasn't hungry and she told me I would sit down and have a meal with everyone because she aparently never sees me eat anymore.
So my mum has started to realise I'm not actualy eating a great deal eventhough I feel like I pig out regularly!
I had some carrots and cabage and some meat she made which I felt ok about, but then she brought out the bread and butter pudding :S I had a bowl then felt like crap so I went staright to sick it all up. I'm feeling a little better now and plan to exercise A LOT later.
I went to a friend's 18th last night and I had done so well all day, I had 2 coffees and I didn't feel hungry at all and wasn't craving anything, but everytime I drink I just EAT and EAT so bloody much. I snaked alot and of course felt really sick after.
I think it's good that I feel sick when I eat now. It's like my body is telling me to stop, setting me a limit. And I feel good when I don't get to that limmit.
I'm going to try harder tomorrow.

I will be skinny one day :D Hope you guys are doing better than me!xxx


  1. Sounds like your doing quite well.. well better than me by far :) <3

  2. Oh I'm sure that's not true!
    I'm doing ok,I don't eat junk anymore but once I start snaking I just can't stop :S and it seems like I've stoped loosing any weight now :(
    Thanks for the comment :):)