Thursday, 18 February 2010

New targets..

I got back from New York this morning and I feel absolutely exausted!!!
It was an amazing trip...New York is great :D
I spent most of the time shopping or lining up to see something..statue of liberty, empire state building etc etc :P hours and hours in queues!
But of course going away with school meant I didn't have much control over my eating as all the meals were pre aranged and paid for in advance. So I think I have put on about 1.5 kg..I'm kinda ok with it, I wasn't expecting to restrict my eating during this week so I'm not completely anoyed at myself. But I have eaten a lot today eventhough I'm home. I hope so badly that I'm not losing my will power because that's probably the worst thing that could happen right now. I need to concentrate and keep focused if I want to make this happen for myself.
I have been thinking, and as I'm so close to my 47 kg target and I'm not yet completely happy with my body, I'm going to set myself a new target of about 44.5 kg which is roughly 98 pounds. I'm starting again tomorrow. I've eaten loads today, but I'm letting myself off this one time (If you hear me say this again please tell me off!!) as I'm so tired and don't have the energy to concentrate on dieting!
My dad noticed for the first time today that I had lost weight. He said to my mum that I looked skinnier. I said I had lost a little, but that I thought I had put it back on in New York (which isn't a complete lie).
I'm glad he noticed just bacause he doesn't tend to notice those kinds of things which must mean that I actually look diferent...right..?
All the food I ate when I was away means that my stomach has expanded a little so I'm probably going to feel hungry faster than when I was properly dieting. I'm worried about getting past that stage again.
I will keep you updated with how I'm doing.
Keep strong and wish me luck!! xxx

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