Saturday, 30 January 2010

Oh no... :S

I got home yesterday from work and completely piged out..I had a mega binge on pizza and chocolate. I felt so disgusting after and SO uncomfortable! I sat down and felt sick so I made myself throw up just to get it all was gross. I haven't weighed myself today and I don't intend on doing it for a few days, I'm too scared that if I have gained any weight I will lose all motivation. I had a tangerine this mornig and a caramel latte for lunch and don't want to have much more than that today...
I always feel so hungry when I get back from work (at about 10 pm) though so hopefully there will be some soup in the house or something small.

I started taking Adios slimming pills about a week ago and I don't think they are contributing to my weight loss at all so I won't be getting them again :p
I don't have any thinspo for you today as my laptop has gone into be fixed and I'm having to use my parents computos :-/
hopefully I will get it back in under a week, so stay strong and motivated..we will be supermodels in no time! :) xxx

Thursday, 28 January 2010

Some more thinspo

Today is going quite well so far, I had a tangerine for breakfast and just had a bowl of soup (and a sneaky bite of my boyfriend's chocolate) so hopefully that will be all I have for today, althought my mum's making spaghetti bolognaise for my brother and sister later..I really hope I'm not tempted.
I was back to 50 kg this morning but it might just be because I hadn't had anything to eat or drink last night. Hopefully it won't go up again now that I've had some food!
I've been finding not eating really draining. I got home from school and colapsed on the sofa today, I had a two hour nap and still feel exausted! Oh well..I guess it will be worth it in the end. My sister saw my tummy today and looked really shoked when she saw how flat it has become =D .. I'm finding it harder to get the weight off my legs though...any tips?

Here's some more thinspo for you, keep motivated :) x

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Fatty, fat, fat!

I weighed myself this morning and I've gone up to 51 kg again..I think when I lose weight I get too comfortable and decide it will be ok to have a little bit more food..I just end up having too much :S
I want to try and make food a smaller part of my life..not think about it too much and not make such a big deal of it when I go for long without eating. It stresses me out and when I start I just can't stop myself. EEW! :(