Thursday, 11 February 2010

49 49 49 49!!!!

7 followers. Yay! Thanks guys, you're great :) Feel free to leave comments if you'de like!

I had a bit of a binge on tuesday night at my boyfriends house, as I for some reason I always do when I go to his house. Well I know exactly why...He has Sugar Puffs in his cupboard..and crunchy nut..My biggest weakness! I know It's wierd, but I just love cereal I can't get enought of it, and as at the time I'm eating it it doesn't feel fattening I just go on and have more and more and more...:P LOVE IT!
Anyway. I had that little cereal (and posibly some chocolate) binge, but I did really well on monday and yesterday I just had a bowl of soup and a small piece of bread, which for me is a very small amount. A couple of months ago I just wouldn't have been able to do that at I'm pleased with myself. I have come a long way from my 'eating whatever is in front of me' days. Thank God!

I just realised that everytime I talk about my boyfriend I tend to blame him for all my eating problems! It's not his fault at all. He just wants to make me happy and so if I ask him for food he gives it to me. He gives me whatever I want. He buys me things all the time even though I probably don't deserve half of it. He tells me I'm beautiful and that I don't need to lose any weight.
He is amazing and I love him so much. He is way to good to me! <3>Will I ever be happy in my own body?

I'm not hopeful.
I've been doing loads of exercise and it's working so well on my tummy. It's becoming really flat which is great, but my legs don't seem to be changing..I don't want to end up strangely out of proportion lol
Here is some thinspo.
I want to look like this! HELP!!


  1. My legs are the problem too :(
    can feel my ribs and i don't like my stomach but its not fat.
    So if u find a way to get rid of the 'tree trunk' legs let me know ;)
    Just stay strong and stick to what you want.
    I don't know what weight I will feel happy at, but until I feel happy I want to keep losing.

    :) your boyfriend sounds really caring.
    xx love Panda *thanks for following btw :)

  2. my boyfriend is great :)
    I think maybe the best way to sort out our legs would be by running...?
    But I HATE running lol im hoping to find another exercise that will at least tone them up a bit. Im getting so fed up of not seeing changes in them :(
    Oh well...we have come so far already things can only get better right? xxx