Friday, 19 February 2010


Thank you to the girls who have left comments on my posts, you are really great.
It's good to know someone out there is actually reading what I spend my hungry hours writing about, and that some of you can actually relate to what I'm going through =)

I think the jet lag has well and truly taken over.
I woke up at 3.30 pm this afternoon. It is now 5.21 a.m and eventhough I feel more tired than I have done in quite a while I don't feel like going to bed at all. I will regret this in the morning!
I did ok with food today, I didn't do amazing but considering the amount I've been eating lately I'm pleased. I had a coffe (or two) when I woke up and 2 slices of my mum's home made pizza for dinner. I could have kept to just one slice, but it looks like will power has failed me once again...:P
I exercized for about an hour tonight so I'm not feeling too bad, although my belly feels big again. Probably because of all the food I had when I was away :-/
I had SO much coffee in New York. I'm suprised I didn't have some kind of heart atack lol.
I have found that since I started dieting it has really helped. If I'm hungry or craving anything a milky coffee can keep going for hours. Eventhough the milk I put in it may be a little calorific, it keeps me from eating something containing much more fat and calories...It fills me up and gives me energy.
So I love coffee at the moment!

I'm impatient to start seeing changes in my weight now.
I think losing a little now would really give me the boost in confidence and motivation I'm in need of at the moment.
I'm feeling frustrated right now.
Why does it have to be like this? Why do we have to go through all this trouble just for our looks? Just to conform to what society tells us is beautiful.
Life would be so much more simple if being overweight was concidered beautiful and if stuffing your face with chips and chocolate was seen as cool.
But I guess this way only some of us can have what everyone else wants so badly.
The perfect body.

And eventhough we have to fight like hell to achieve it we will always feel so much better than them. So this is why we have to keep strong and never give up.

It is possible, eventhough sometimes it may not feel like it xxx


  1. i feel the same way as you! whenever there's pizza i tell myself i'm only having one and i end up eating two!

  2. oooh pizza!
    I was at a friend's 18th last night and after only having had 2 cups of coffee all day I binged out on crisps and pizza :( :(
    Im anoyed!!