Thursday, 4 February 2010

Another day...

I did a little better today..I only had a bread role and a coffee for lunch and a bowl of veggies and a tangerine for dinner, which is good compared to the amount I ate yesterday :S
My boyfriend came over for dinner and for some reason whenever he's around I always eat so much more..I snack and snack and snack..But I managed to control it today, so I'm pleased with myself for that.
I went to get some dollars today cos I'm going to New York on the 13th with school (so exited!). I had never realized how much dollars actually look like monopoly money :P I'm hopping I will have lost some more weight by then..I will be sharing a room with another three girls and I want to feel confident enough to get changed and stuff without feeling self concious. But I'm worried that I will be eating a lot of fast food there :S
I think people will just want to get food they won't have to wait around for and can walk around with, which probably means a lot of Mcdonalds. EEK!
I got a thin comment today! lol
I was sitting in my sociology lesson and the person sitting next to me said 'Beca, your fingers are so skinny, and you have lost weight on your face!' that made me happy, I used to have mega chubby cheeks (and still kinda do), so that’s a compliment :P I'm going to university next year and I don't want to go lookinf like some little kid with a really round face. But then I also got a 'Beca, you actually don't have any boobs anymore.' ... :-/ ..I don't care. If being thin means having small boobs I think it's worth it. I've done fat with big boobs and I didn't enjoy it at all.
I haven't lost for quite a few days now and I weighed myself this morning. I was up to 50.5 kg again, which is really crappy :S I really hope that the little amount of food I had today will in some way make up for all the rubbish I shoved down my throat all day yesterday. I plan on exercising a bit tonight, but I'm too tired to do very much.

I know I said that I don't like using pictures of celebrities as thinspo but I was online today and saw a picture of Pixie Lott. I think she's so pretty and has an amazing figure.
I so want to look like her! <3

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