Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lifting compliments :)

At the weekend I went to a wine bar that one of my friends works at (I felt very grown up and sophisticated! lol).

It was really great, eventhough I'm not a big fan of wine I had about 4 glasses and it got me drunk pretty quickly...probably because I had it on an empty stomach..but still, it was nice to unwind and not think about food for a bit, which seems to be the biggest stress in my life at the moment eventhough I have what are probably the most important exams of my life coming up in like a month!

Anyway! After that night one of my closest friends who was with me at the bar texted me telling me my legs looked really skinny. YAAY! Is it actually finally paying off?!
I eventually want my legs to look like the ones in this photo...I know it's gonna take a while but I'm determined, even if it means living on coffee for the rest of the year :P

Here is some more thinspo for you guys. Enjoy :)x (sorry if I've used some of these before!)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sex and the city

Sex and the City is like my favourite thing in the world ever! I love it.
They, dispite many the terrible fashion disasters across the years (especially by Miranda), are fabulous and I could watch it all day.

They make me want to live in New York so badly, shop all day and drink capuccinnos...although I have the next best thing. I do love living in London :)

Anyway...I think I've lost a bit of weight, but of course I had to go and ruin it. I went out to dinner last night with my parents and boyfriend to an italian restaurante which for some reason, had no salads on the menu!!! WHY? So I ended up having a bowl of sphagetti and ice cream for desert :S
Oh welll...I've had nothing today and I've run up and down my stairs 50 times (almost given myself a heart attach lol).
I've been doing loads of stomach exercises lately and I think I'm getting a bit of a six pack which I'm not very pleased with :P I want to have a flat tummy, not look like a body builder :-/ So I think I'm gonna focus more on overall body workouts rather than just concentrating on my abs as much.

Grrr my mum just walked in the door and shouted at me for not doing the washing up :-/
Better go before she gives herself an injury of some kind :P xx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

getting there..

Hey girlies, I know I said I'd update you on how my fast went like a week ago but I've been out everyday and have had no time to sit down at my laptop.
I ended up breaking that fast with a bowl of cereal in the evening which I was pissed off about, but I've been doing well since then.
I fasted a couple of days ago and have been living on small amounts of cereal and soup since then. I've been really exausted due to the lack of food and the head aches are bad too, but I guess it will be worth it when I see results...whenever that happens.

I feel good about the amount I've been eating, but there is always something round the corner waiting to trip me mum will probably get home from work with a big box from the bakery or something :-/ grrrr

I just started my period so I'm going to wait until I'm off it then weigh myself to see if I've lost anything, cos I'm always heavier when I'm on my period for some reason, and it's always depressing when I weigh myself eventhough I know I'm not actually that heavy.

So, I'm not risking feeling shit and deciding to have a massive binge :P

Some thinspo...

Sunday, 4 April 2010


Today was a total fail!

I had every piece of chocolate and cake and god knows what else was put on my plate. I feel like a fat cow at the changes there then :-/...ok well I really want to fast on coffee maybe.

I'm going to be out most of the day with my boyfriend which means I will be away from the kitchen for quite a while...The only problem is when I get back home and my mother sticks a large plate of food in front of me.
Please help! Any fasting tips?
I'm having a bit of a panick because if I keep on like this I will end up like the woman in this picture...really fat with a fat husband and probably breaking a lot of those chairs with all the excess weight...nice! :S
I'm letting myself off for today as it's Easter...and I know that when people say that they end up fat and miserable 'I will start my diet tomorrow', 'I will just have one more pork pie and not eat anything tomorrow' or 'one more mars bar wont hurt, I will do some sit ups later'.
I can't turn into one of those people :S I have realised that the only way to feel good about myself is by not eating.
I would really appreciate any tips girlies :)
Anyways...I will get back to you soon on how it all goes.
Hope you are all happy, skinny and well. xx

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Easter Holidays = New start?

Thank you so much for your comments girlies, you are wonderful! :):)x

It's my second day of the Easter holidays. Tomorrow is Easter Sunday which means a big family get-together with loads of food and all the dreaded CHOCOLATE EGGS!!!

But, I have a plan...I haven't got any of my friends or my boyfriend an easter egg so any chocolate I get from my family tomorrow I will give to them. Hopefully this way I wont be tempted to eat any of it! But I have no plan for how I'm going to avoid the rest of the food.
It's hard to be around a massive table with all your family and get away with not having anything to eat :S

My auty usually puts celary stiks and humus on the table so maybe I can get away with just stiking to that...? :P

I have started falling back into my old ways of just eating what ever I want. I need some new motivation..something to stop me from stuffing my face. I have been watching a lot of America's Next Top Model which always gets me exercising, but exercise on its own is never enough unfortunatly. I need something new to get me started with this again.

When I first started to loose weight I could go a whole day with just a bowl of soup because I was so exited and motivated to lose it, but now it's not working like that anymore :(
My biggest weakness at the moment is cereal.. I can't get enough! grrrr
My sister, the skinniest little stick on the planet, is now making chocolate crispies for tomorrow. This is like torture lol it's hard enough having to resist the temptation of cereal on its own let alone chocolate covered ceral :-/'s almost 3 in the afternoon and I've only had an apple and 2 coffees so far...not too bad? My biggest problem is snaking before bed time.

I have to go into work tonight. I work at Domino's pizza btw and at the end of my shift they give me a free pizza. AAH temptation is all around! I'm lucky I have a teenage brother that will eat anything anyone puts in front of him, which is what I will be doing with that pizza. I think I'm going to try really really hard this week and weigh myself at the end of the week. I need to see a difference. I need to start getting up each morning and stepping on the scales and seeing that I've lost weight, cos it's the best feeling in the world and I need that to motivate me!

I found this video on the Jack Wills website and I love it. I think these girls are so gorgeous. This is what I want to look like by the summer. Beautiful and confident :)

And here's some more thinspo for you guys. Enjoy xxx