Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Lifting compliments :)

At the weekend I went to a wine bar that one of my friends works at (I felt very grown up and sophisticated! lol).

It was really great, eventhough I'm not a big fan of wine I had about 4 glasses and it got me drunk pretty quickly...probably because I had it on an empty stomach..but still, it was nice to unwind and not think about food for a bit, which seems to be the biggest stress in my life at the moment eventhough I have what are probably the most important exams of my life coming up in like a month!

Anyway! After that night one of my closest friends who was with me at the bar texted me telling me my legs looked really skinny. YAAY! Is it actually finally paying off?!
I eventually want my legs to look like the ones in this photo...I know it's gonna take a while but I'm determined, even if it means living on coffee for the rest of the year :P

Here is some more thinspo for you guys. Enjoy :)x (sorry if I've used some of these before!)


  1. YAY! thats so fantastic. Congrats! Those unexpected compliments are the best.

    I love wine on an empty stomach its a "good"-type of drunk, it like relaxes you. :P

  2. yeah It's great :D but it's quite calorific!
    Thanks for the comment :)xxx