Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Sex and the city

Sex and the City is like my favourite thing in the world ever! I love it.
They, dispite many the terrible fashion disasters across the years (especially by Miranda), are fabulous and I could watch it all day.

They make me want to live in New York so badly, shop all day and drink capuccinnos...although I have the next best thing. I do love living in London :)

Anyway...I think I've lost a bit of weight, but of course I had to go and ruin it. I went out to dinner last night with my parents and boyfriend to an italian restaurante which for some reason, had no salads on the menu!!! WHY? So I ended up having a bowl of sphagetti and ice cream for desert :S
Oh welll...I've had nothing today and I've run up and down my stairs 50 times (almost given myself a heart attach lol).
I've been doing loads of stomach exercises lately and I think I'm getting a bit of a six pack which I'm not very pleased with :P I want to have a flat tummy, not look like a body builder :-/ So I think I'm gonna focus more on overall body workouts rather than just concentrating on my abs as much.

Grrr my mum just walked in the door and shouted at me for not doing the washing up :-/
Better go before she gives herself an injury of some kind :P xx

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