Sunday, 4 April 2010


Today was a total fail!

I had every piece of chocolate and cake and god knows what else was put on my plate. I feel like a fat cow at the changes there then :-/...ok well I really want to fast on coffee maybe.

I'm going to be out most of the day with my boyfriend which means I will be away from the kitchen for quite a while...The only problem is when I get back home and my mother sticks a large plate of food in front of me.
Please help! Any fasting tips?
I'm having a bit of a panick because if I keep on like this I will end up like the woman in this picture...really fat with a fat husband and probably breaking a lot of those chairs with all the excess weight...nice! :S
I'm letting myself off for today as it's Easter...and I know that when people say that they end up fat and miserable 'I will start my diet tomorrow', 'I will just have one more pork pie and not eat anything tomorrow' or 'one more mars bar wont hurt, I will do some sit ups later'.
I can't turn into one of those people :S I have realised that the only way to feel good about myself is by not eating.
I would really appreciate any tips girlies :)
Anyways...I will get back to you soon on how it all goes.
Hope you are all happy, skinny and well. xx

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