Tuesday, 13 April 2010

getting there..

Hey girlies, I know I said I'd update you on how my fast went like a week ago but I've been out everyday and have had no time to sit down at my laptop.
I ended up breaking that fast with a bowl of cereal in the evening which I was pissed off about, but I've been doing well since then.
I fasted a couple of days ago and have been living on small amounts of cereal and soup since then. I've been really exausted due to the lack of food and the head aches are bad too, but I guess it will be worth it when I see results...whenever that happens.

I feel good about the amount I've been eating, but there is always something round the corner waiting to trip me up...my mum will probably get home from work with a big box from the bakery or something :-/ grrrr

I just started my period so I'm going to wait until I'm off it then weigh myself to see if I've lost anything, cos I'm always heavier when I'm on my period for some reason, and it's always depressing when I weigh myself eventhough I know I'm not actually that heavy.

So, I'm not risking feeling shit and deciding to have a massive binge :P

Some thinspo...

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