Friday, 2 April 2010


I'm finidng it impossible to lose weight at the moment...well I don't know if I have lost any reacently because weighing myself is generally quite a depressing thing to do :-/
I always tell myself 'at the end of the week I will have lost a least a couple of pounds' but when it gets to it I don't do it. I feel so frustrated about it.
I think I might have lost some weight in the past coupls of weeks. My colar bones are a bit more promenent and I can see my hip bones a little more, but I always get exited and weight myself and get dissapointed lol I'm such a fail! I think I have messed up scales. They can tell me very different things from one day to another.
That was such a boring post :P Here's some thinspo to make up for it xxx


  1. love the thinspo! =]

    and i feel ya on the whole scale thing. i took a break from it for a long time and just started back to it because i need it. hang in there. =]

  2. omgee, i hate none functioning scales. Totally blows my life, so I have several other back ups, one includes my Wii fit scale
    So you are probably losing weight its just your scale is "lying." Honestly yesterday this is what I did for my normal scale that does the same thing, lie. I stood on the scale holding a small stoll/chair, then just stood on the scale holding nothing. And somehow it gave me my real weight. 2 positive things come out of this: you fix your scale. And you will always weigh less without holding the chair. It feels especially good when you and the chair was a past weight of yours.