Wednesday, 24 March 2010

I want to be one of them

All the girls in all these thinspo pictures have all done it..they have all managed to get down to a weight where they look absolutely gorgeous at, so why can't I just be like that too? Why can't we all?
It's so hard to get to that goal, to that place I will feel totally happy and satisfied at, but getting there must feel amazing.
I can't wait to get down to my goal and feel like that, to feel like it's all been worth it, but I'm worried that by then my relationship with food will be so disfunctional and unhealthy that I wont be able to apreciate that I have finaly achieved what I have worked so very hard for.
I wonder if all these beautiful skinny girls still think they need to loose weight to look even better?
I hope you guys are feeling less confused about this all than me and that a little bit of thinspo helps you :) Any answers?? xx

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