Tuesday, 2 March 2010

I think the legs are leaving!

Yes I think it might finally be happening!
I've been working so hard on my leg exercises and they really seem to be toning up and maybe even slimming down. I'm really happy. I think I'm starting to do abit better now. I put on weight after I got back from new york because I was so used to just just eating when I wanted again and I got up to 51.5kg (113.5 pounds) which I felt really crap about. I'm back down to just over 50kg (111.3 pounds) now so I'm feeling more positive that the weight is actually comming off again.
I have just spend about 3 weeks where I just could not lose any weight even if I didn't eat very much at all and exercised like a crazy person, but I think I'm starting to lose some again, thank god!! There is nothing worse than working really hard and getting nothing out of it. It's so dissapointing to weigh myself and not see any difference (or see an increse :S).
It feels great losing the weight but I'm slightly worried because my periods have stoped. I'm really late and I'm 99% sure I'm not pregnant. I'm not underweight. I'm at a healthy BMI, but I was speaking to one of my close friends who also lost a lot of weight very quikly (3 stone/42 pounds in 4 months!) and she told me that even before she became underweight just the rapid weight loss made her periods stop, so this may be the reason?
I'm going to the clinic with my boyfriend soon just in case. They have given me a free pregnancy test before and want to get another one just to be sure. It will put my mind at rest anyway...hopefully!
I have done well today I think. I had some lettuce and cherry tomatoes when I got up and a couple of pieces of toast with peanutbutter and jam (my favourite! <3)>

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