Saturday, 30 January 2010

Oh no... :S

I got home yesterday from work and completely piged out..I had a mega binge on pizza and chocolate. I felt so disgusting after and SO uncomfortable! I sat down and felt sick so I made myself throw up just to get it all was gross. I haven't weighed myself today and I don't intend on doing it for a few days, I'm too scared that if I have gained any weight I will lose all motivation. I had a tangerine this mornig and a caramel latte for lunch and don't want to have much more than that today...
I always feel so hungry when I get back from work (at about 10 pm) though so hopefully there will be some soup in the house or something small.

I started taking Adios slimming pills about a week ago and I don't think they are contributing to my weight loss at all so I won't be getting them again :p
I don't have any thinspo for you today as my laptop has gone into be fixed and I'm having to use my parents computos :-/
hopefully I will get it back in under a week, so stay strong and motivated..we will be supermodels in no time! :) xxx

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