Sunday, 24 January 2010

New year, new life!

I'm not really sure how to I have wanted to lose quite a bit of weight for a while now and it's finally starting to happen...I've trying so many times but I've never had the will power to actually make it work. I was so sick of feeling crap about myself all the time. Things are starting to get better now but I still have a long way to go!I've started limiting my calorie intake and exercising a lot.
I started putting on weight after I went on the pill in May 2008. I gained about 10kg (1 st 8 lb). I regret it so much now. Since then I have always felt really fat and horrible as I went from feeling I had a great body and feeling great about myself to having no self confidence at all.
After finding some thinspiration pictures online I decided to lose the weight once and for all. I had tryed countless times before but this time I was sure it would work.
I started my diet on the 7th of january of this year and so far have managed to lose 5kg (11 pounds) which I feel great about.

My boyfriend and best friend have both said they have noticed a difference, so I'm feeling really good at the moment. (altought I'm not yet happy with the way my body looks!)

1.60 meters (5'3"ish)
Highest: 56kg/123.5 pounds
Current: 51kg/112.4 pounds
Goal: 47kg/103.6 pounds

It's been though going from eating anything I want and more to cutting out a massive amount of my usual food intake. But It has been worth every hungry moment :)x

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